Creation and maintenance of swimming pools in Florence

Aqva Service Piscine based in Florence is involved in the construction, maintenance and service of swimming pools.

In addition to sales, our services also cover the care and maintenance of swimming pools of all kinds, from those made with the latest technology to classical designs.

The company is able to assist all customers in the management of their swimming pool, regardless of the type of pool they own and the technology with which it has been built.

The company in Florence offers the maintenance and service of the pools to a wide range of customers: from private to public facilities and from those who have chosen a traditional concrete pool to those who preferred prefabricated.

By choosing Aqva Service Piscine for your swimming pool maintenance, you will benefit from a full pool monitoring service, with our highly trained technical staff, ready to give you useful tips on how to get the most from your pool.

In addition, the company also takes care of the seasonal cleaning of swimming pools, and the summer opening and winter closing of your pool.

Mounting Swimming pool
Bluespring 3D Laghetto

Our History & Services

The Aqva Service Piscine company was set up in Florence in January 2015, after 20-years' experience in the building industry and swimming pool construction.

The company was born out of this experience, which since its founding has demonstrated great professionalism in the design, technical assistance and maintenance of swimming pools and spas.

We stay close to our customer at every stage in the life of your pool, from design to maintenance, without your having to rely on external companies.

All this guarantees an efficient and reliable turnkey service that will release the customer from any worries and leave you simply to enjoy your beautiful pool.

Apart from the construction of swimming pools, Aqva Service Piscina also carries out various masonry works, calling on its 20-year building experience.

Swimming pool materials and models

With Aqva Service Piscine, you can find spare parts and accessories for original swimming pools of various leading brands, such Laghetto (we are an authorized service centre), CPA and many more.

In particular, the catalogue includes several pool lines:

  • Laghetto models, available in Bluespring Laghetto, Dolcevita Laghetto, Classic Laghetto and Laghetto Pop;
  • Swimming pools in reinforced concrete;
  • Fiberglass swimming pools.
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